Research Studies

A number of studies have explored the educational benefits of using screencasts in Higher Education. We are particularly interested in research on screencasts used in Engineering courses. If you have conducted a relevant study or are aware of relevant research in the field, please feel free to contact us.

Screencast Research:

 Carter, P. (2012) An Experience Report: On the Use of Multimedia Pre-Instruction and Just-in-Time Teaching in a CS1 Course SIGCSE ’12 Proceedings of the 43rd ACM technical symposium on Computer Science Education, 2012

Dunn, P. K., McDonald, C., and Loch, B. (2014) Statscasts: screencasts for complementing lectures in statistics classes. International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, 1-12.

Falconer, J. L., DeGrazia, J., Medlin, J. W., and Holmberg, M. P. (2009) Using Screencasts in ChE Courses. Chemical Engineering Education, 43(4), 286-289.

Falconer, J. L., Nicodemus, G.D., DeGrazia, J., and Medlin, J.W. (2012) Chemical Engineering Screencasts. Chemical Engineering Education, 46(1), 58-62.

Green, K. R., Pinder-Grover, T., and Millunchick, J. M. (2012) Impact of Screencast Technology: Connecting the Perception of Usefulness and the Reality of Performance. Journal of Engineering Education, 101(4), 717-737.

Loch, B., Jordan, C. R., Lowe, T. W., and Mestel, B. D. (2014) Do screencasts help to revise prerequisite mathematics? An investigation of student performance and perception. International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, 45(2), 256-268.

Morris, C. and Chikwa, G. (2014) Screencasts: How effective are they and how do students engage with them? Active Learning in Higher Education, 15(1), 25-37.

Oehrli, J. A., Piacentine, J., Peters, A., and Nanamaker, B. (2011) Do Screencasts Really Work? Assessing Student Learning through Instructional Screencasts. Paper presented at the Association of College and Research Libraries Annual Conference, Philadelphia.

Pinder-Grover, T., Green, K. R., and Millunchick, J. M. (2011) The efficacy of screencasts to address the diverse academic needs of students in a large lecture course. Advances in Engineering Education, 2(3) 1-28.

Reilly, P. (in press) Screencasts in Media Studies, Journal of Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

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